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College of Engineering Endowment Fund Launch

Published: 12 Oct 2022
College of Engineering Endowment Fund Launch

Ghana is blessed with very bright and talented students. However, we happen to lose the majority of them after their undergraduate studies and the College of Engineering at KNUST is not an exception.
The advanced economies such as the USA, Europe and Asia have very attractive scholarships and so easily attract our talent with mouth-watering offers.

The College of Engineering at KNUST has established an Endowment Fund that will in a very significant way help to retain the top engineering graduates in Ghana; which will in the long run address some of the developmental challenges relating to manufacturing, industrialization, energy systems, exploration and renewable energy in the country.

The College of Engineering currently hosts three Africa Centres of Excellence (ACE's), namely the KNUST Engineering Education Project (KEEP), Regional Water, Environment and Sanitation Centre, Kumasi (RWESCK) and Regional Transport Research and Education Centre, Kumasi (TRECK). These Centres through the provision of scholarships have led to an increase in the number of postgraduate students as a result of the funding from the World Bank through the Government of Ghana. The funding is expected to end by December 2023. To ensure that the gains achieved are not eroded, the establishment of an Endowment Fund is imperative.
The University Management therefore gave approval for the establishment of the KNUST College of Engineering Endowment Fund in June 2021.

The Fund will be launched on Friday, 14th October 2022 at 2:00pm at Alisha Hotel, North Ridge, Accra.