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Congratulations Joseph Kwarteng Acheampong

Published: 15 Mar 2024
Congratulations Joseph Kwarteng Acheampong

Joseph Kwarteng Acheampong is a graduating MPhil student from the Mechanical Engineering Department at KNUST. Specifically, he studied Renewable Energy Technologies.

His research interests are the performance study of solar fridges, wind energy potential, bioenergy generation, and hybrid wind-solar irrigation systems.
Using machine learning, he made a performance prediction of a Direct Current (DC) solar fridge under a hot-humid climate for his MPhil project. He found out that the solar irradiation had a direct effect on the power input of the DC solar fridge; the Coefficient of Performance of the DC solar fridge ranges between 4 and 8, with the use of three machine learning algorithms, namely the artificial neural network, random forest regression, support vector regression, after evaluation, he found out that the artificial neural network had a better prediction performance as compared to the other two algorithms.

The KNUST Engineering Education Project (KEEP) has played an essential role in his academic success by providing financial and internship opportunities. He is very thankful for the support, training motivation and mentorship he received from the staff and management of KEEP.

As he enters a new chapter, he plans to study for a PhD in Sustainable Energy applications. He hopes to continue to gain more knowledge, skills and innovation in his field of study.