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Congratulations Priscilla O. AJIBOYE

Published: 24 May 2024
Congratulations Priscilla O. AJIBOYE

Priscilla O. AJIBOYE is a graduating PhD student from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at KNUST.  

Her research interests are smart grid security, energy management systems, and artificial intelligence.    

She optimised and implemented a highly secured post-quantum cryptography scheme for securing a major aspect of the smart grid, the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), for her PhD work. The optimised scheme was also proposed to secure other IoT systems against quantum and classical attacks. Her work showed great potential in controlling data manipulations and quantum attacks on AMI with minimal accompanying delay.    

The KNUST Engineering Education Project (KEEP) has been instrumental in her academic success by providing financial support. She is very grateful for the support and encouragement received from the staff and management of KEEP.    

She plans to carry out further work in artificial intelligence with post-quantum cryptography for efficient security of energy management systems.