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Congratulations Rahimat Oyiza Yakubu

Published: 12 Sep 2023
Rahimat Oyiza Yakubu

Rahimat Oyiza Yakubu is a graduating Ph.D. student in Sustainable Energy Technologies student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, KNUST.

Her research interests include but are not limited to Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Policy, and Power System analysis. 

Her research at the PhD level focuses on modelling and technical assessment of bifacial solar photovoltaic systems in low latitude regions using West Africa as a case study.

She discusses ways to improve the energy yield of solar PV installations by using bifacial modules, a type of PV panel with solar cells on the front and the rear side. The research also highlighted how this bifacial PV module can reduce land occupancy use for installing the PV system.

Being part of the KEEP project has helped her to improve her research and technical skills through seminars and workshops organised by KEEP. Through the KEEP research support fund, she has been able to publish her research findings and present her work at conferences. 

As she starts a new face, she hopes to be part of Africa's indigenous renewable energy expert, exploring renewable energy sources to provide clean energy to rural communities without access to energy.