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Congratulations Stanley Tio Andeobu

Published: 15 Mar 2023
Stanley Tio Andeobu

Stanley Tio Andeobu received his MPhil. Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, KNUST. 

His research interests are Software Defined Networks (SDN), Vehicular ad hoc Networks (VANET), the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Communication, Embedded systems, and Physical Layer Security.

His research focused on developing an intrusion detection and mitigation system for vehicle-to-vehicle communication in a software-defined vehicular ad-hoc network using machine learning. His approach improved the throughput and latency in the network during the advent of a man-in-the-middle attack. 

The KNUST Engineering Education Project (KEEP) scholarship assisted him financially, the Department of Telecommunication Engineering mentors guided him professionally, and his circle of friends boosted his happiness and eased his stress.

Stanley is currently seeking Ph.D. positions and aspires to apply the experiences and skillset gained through research to proffer solutions in the telecom industry.