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Congratulations Tawakalitu AbdulRasheed

Published: 15 Sep 2023
Tawakalitu AbdulRasheed

Tawakalitu AbdulRasheed is a graduating Ph.D. student from the Department of Chemical Engineering, KNUST.

Her research interests include but are not limited to Nanotechnology, Biofuels, Catalysis, and Sustainable Waste Management.

Her PhD research focuses on developing a novel calcium oxide/calcium ferrite, CaO/CaFe2O4 composite nanocatalyst for improving biodiesel production from waste cooking oil (WCO).

She discusses ways to improve biodiesel production using calcium oxide calcium ferrite composite nanocatalyst, a magnetic composite nanocatalyst that is easily recovered, reused and biocompatible. The research also highlights the fuel properties and the emission characteristics of the produced biodiesel and its blends with petro-diesel.

Being part of the KEEP project has helped her to improve her research and technical skills through seminars and workshops organised by KEEP. Through the KEEP research support fund, she has been able to publish her research findings and present her work at conferences. 

As she starts a new phase, she hopes to continue pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology research and foster collaborations with like-minded researchers, engineers, and organisations, both in academia and industry, to pool our expertise to drive innovation in biofuel production and contribute to cleaner and more sustainable waste disposal practices.